I smell bad

In order to get people to buy products like deodorant and mouthwash, advertisers first had to convince us that we all smell bad.

It worked, and most people started using these toiletries, as well as many others, to keep those bad smells at bay. The receptors in your nose that would normally respond to your own particular brand of smells practically shut down after being bombarded with the same scents for so long.

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So, to check yourself for BO, you need to smell your clothes away from your body, and really get your nose in there. Sweat usually means bacteriaand bacteria is what gives off the stench. Now go by the golden rule of body odor: If you can smell any odor on yourself at all, others can smell it a lot more. Put on more deodorant, use wet wipes to give yourself a quick cleanup, put on a change of clothes, or if all else fails, rub some hand sanitizer on your pits until you can fix the problem.

The same rules goes for deodorants, perfumes, colognes, and body sprays too. So go easy on that stuff. Run your clean fingers along your scalp, not your hair, several times.

Now smell your finger tips and you should get a good idea of what your hair smells like. The bad smell on your scalp is probably a mixture of yeast, dead skin cells and bacteria. It could also be a sign of ringworm of the scalp. You probably think of earwax as the stuff you have to clean off of your earbuds, but it can also be a source of bad smells. When it comes to stinky breaththere are a few quick ways you can check for nastiness before you have to interact for people:.

So how can you reset your scent palate? To fully refresh your scent palate it could take several weeks. Last but not least, you can ask somebody you trust to smell you and tell it to you straight. Without a doubt, this is the most effective method. Ask a coworker or friend and tell them to be honest.

The A.If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. Body odor is the perceived unpleasant smell our bodies can give off when bacteria that live on the skin break down sweat into acids. Some say it is the smell of bacteria growing on the body, but it is actually the result of bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids.

Body odor usually becomes evident if measures are not taken when a human reaches puberty. People who are obese, those who regularly eat spicy foods, as well as individuals with certain medical conditions, such as diabetesare more susceptible to having body odor. People who sweat too much, such as those with hyperhidrosismay also be susceptible to body odor.

However, often the salt level of their sweat is too high for the bacteria to break down. It depends on where the excess sweating is occurring and which type of sweat glands are involved.

i smell bad

Sweat itself is virtually odorless to humans. It is the rapid multiplication of bacteria in the presence of sweat and their breaking down of sweat into acids that eventually causes the unpleasant smell. Body odor can have a pleasant and specific smell to the individual and can be used to identify people, especially by dogs and other animals.

Body odor is caused by bacteria breaking down sweat and is largely linked to the apocrine glands. Most body odor comes from these. These glands are found in the breasts, genital area, eyelids, armpits, and ear. In the breasts, they secrete fat droplets into breast milk.

In the ear, they help form earwax. Apocrine glands in the skin and the eyelids are sweat glands.

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Most of the apocrine glands in the skin are located in the groin, armpits, and around the nipples. In the skin, they usually have an odor. They are scent glands. The apocrine glands are mainly responsible for body odor because the sweat they produce is high in protein, which bacteria can break down easily.

Most of us wear shoes and socks, making it much more difficult for the sweat to evaporate, giving the bacteria more sweat to break down into smelly substances. Moist feet also raise the risk of fungi developing, which can also give off unpleasant smells. A large concentration of apocrine glands is present in the armpits, making that area susceptible to the rapid development of body odor.

7 Vaginal Odors Every Woman Needs to Know About

Shaving the armpits regularly has been found to help body odor control in that area. Reusable razors are available to purchase online. An antiperspirant blocks the sweating action of the glands, resulting in less sweating. Some studies, however, have indicated that antiperspirants may be linked to breast cancer or prostate cancer risk.

This study suggests that current research is inconclusive on the risks of antiperspirant sprays. Deodorants and antiperspirants with natural ingredients are available to purchase online. Smelly feet are less of a problem socially than underarm B.

However, the smell may become obvious if the person with smelly feet visits a home where shoes are taken off before entering, as is the custom in various countries and homes.

Make sure you dry your feet thoroughly afterward, including in between your toes. The best socks are those made of a combination of man-made fibers and wool.Humans, at their most basic, are smelly beings. So many things about us have a scent, be it our sweat, hair, mouth, or freaking feet.

And even if it smells bad, that doesn't necessarily trigger cause for concern. After all, my husband's feet smell to high heaven after a hot workoutbut that's normal. What's not normal is when the scents you're accustomed to start to change.

Like, when you usually can't smell your pee, yet all of a sudden sweet-smelling urine starts showing up. Or when your poop smells worse than usual. These are potential signs of something being off with your health, in which case you may need to call a doctor. So if you notice any of these body smells, don't ignore them — start dialing. Normally urine is scent-less, or if it has a scent, it's usually a very subtle, ammonia-like smell, says Scott Sullivan, M.

So if you get a big whiff of sweet-smelling urine without even trying — and it's accompanied by pain when you pee — schedule a gyno visit. You could have a urinary tract infection UTIwhich means you'll need to cycle through a dose of antibiotics. If there isn't any pain, your diet may be to blame, Sullivan says.

Strong-scented foods, like asparagus or garlic, could have an impact, as could dehydration. Let's be frank: Sweat is not a sweet-smelling scent, um, ever. But there are certain areas of your body — like your pubic hair and underarms — that naturally give off a stronger scent than your hair, chest, and back. So if you smell yourself in those "stronger" areas, don't freak out right away — as long as things smell the way they normally do, you're probably fine.

But if you notice a stronger foul smell coming from those more subtle regions, pay attention.

i smell bad

Sullivan says a rancid scent could mean your body is struggling with digestion issues. It may just be a matter of changing up your diet and adding in more high-fiber foodsbut your doctor can advise you on the best course of action. It's not the sexiest thing in the world, but if you have bad morning breath you may be snoring or sleeping with your mouth open.

Those who do tend to have dry mouth, which typically lowers the flow of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is responsible for cleaning out food particles and protecting the teeth and gums from bacterial infection, says Alice Boghosian, spokesperson for the American Dental Association.Posted 5 years agousers are following. I'm in my mid-twenties and am female. Came off Citalopram at the beginning of the year, and have been anti-d free since. Everything has been going great, I started a new job, have been exercising lots and eating healthily, and my mental attitude has been much better and I have been feeling positive about myself and life.

i smell bad

At my last job, where I'd been for many years, there was often a weird musty smell around a space about 12 foot square, and my colleagues always joked it was an elderly coworker. People sitting immediately around me were forever sneezing, sniffing and complaining of a bad smell. No one ever told me it was me or hinted or anything, and I am a clean person so thought it couldn't be me. An outspoken girl said it smelt "unpleasant" and like "sweaty salmon" on a few occasions.

One time she sprayed deodorant into the air.

What causes bad breath (and how to get rid of it)

She sat about 8 foot from me. I started my new job and over the past few weeks I have noticed a weird smell near where I sit but only when I walk away and come back a few minutes later. To me it smells like an onion-y smell. People walking past my desk constantly sniff literally as they walk past my desk.

Yesterday a colleague said it smelt like gone off food, and today she looked at me, called another colleague over and whispered but I heard the words "smells"and "pi55" and she asked the other girl if she could smell it too and she agreed. About a week ago, the other girl was talking about someone using the communal toilets and leaving urine all over the seat and she said how "that person must be getting lots of it on themselves too".

Again, I didn't twig as I never leave urine on the seat and always make sure I clean myself thoroughly. I use public transport to commute in to work and people on the train around me constantly sniff. Last week an elderly man sat behind me and sniffed literally every five seconds for the whole journey. I thought it must be because I smell and I was getting so paranoid and hurt, I wanted to turn around and punch him I would never do anything like that.

Smell Disorders

Last week my manager asked me how I found the "hygiene" in the office which I thought was strange and then elaborated that he meant my commute. That made no sense but at the time it didn't click. I shower every morning, wash my hair daily and use antipersperant and deodorant.

I apply Perspirex nightly and use body spray and perfume. I clean sweaty areas regularly and carry change of underwear and wipes etc with me, I am so paranoid about my personal hygiene.

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I also started taking Chlorophyll supplements and reducing caffeine. I think I do tend to be quite a sweaty person and my crotch does get sweaty but only usually when I work out, in which case everywhere else gets sweaty too.

Am I being paranoid?! No one has outright said that I smell, ever. This is making me so depressed, I feel humiliated, but I am a clean person. I feel suicidal. Please help me, I am really at the end of my tether, I am so unhappy. I don't feel like my family want to help, and I don't really have any close friends to talk to. Posted 5 years ago. Chin up, tomorrow's a brand new day! I was going through the same thing in school and if I had a chance to go back in time I would have done homeschool or alternative schooling, while I figured out what was the problem, which I still haven't found but I eat healthy and exercise which I would say has lessen to a degree, To be blunt it's not going to be easy unless you figure out whats causing the bo.

So be in control of your life rather than it being in control of you. Posted 4 years ago. Posted 2 years ago.You know you're slightly pungent after a hard Spinning class or garlicky dinner. But it turns out that some less expected factors—like how quickly you get dressed in the morning, the amount of carbs you eat, or whether you snore—can also affect your BO, breath, gassiness, and more.

Here's how to fix it, fast. You don't towel off after showering A speedy postshower rubdown may end up causing a problem later on. That's because moisture can get trapped between folds of skin, like below your breasts, under your love handles, or even between your toes, says Marina Peredo, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in private practice in Smithtown, NY. Fix it: Peredo recommends this trick to her patients: "After you dry off, set a blow-dryer to cool and wave it over your belly, groin, feet—anywhere that gets uncomfortably sweaty.

Try Zeabsorb-AF, available at drugstores. You love spicy foods Foods with pungent ingredients, such as curry, garlic, and other spices, can not only cause bad breath, but also a bit of a body odor. When digested, these foods produce several stinky sulfur-containing gases. Most of these byproducts are metabolized in the intestines and liver, but some, such as allyl methyl sulfide, are absorbed into the bloodstream and released through your lungs and pores, an effect that can last for a few hours or more, says Debra Jaliman, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Mt.

Sinai School of Medicine. Fix it: You can temporarily mask bad breath with mouthwash or by chewing a bit of fresh parsley, mint, or fennel seeds, but you'll have to wait until your body is done digesting before all the odor is completely gone. Sit down to a spicy meal in good company; it's tough to smell it on others if you all eat the same thing, says Richard Price, DMD, spokesperson for the American Dental Association.

Avoid garlic-rich chow in the hours before an important meeting or date. You brush—but only your teeth Neglect your tongue, and your breath may not be as fresh as you'd like. Your tongue is covered with thousands of small hairlike projections called papillae, which can trap and harbor tiny scraps of food. So even if you brush and floss regularly, small remains from your meals can hang behind, collecting bacteria and emitting hydrogen sulfide vapors—aka bad breath.

Fix it: Mouthwashes may help, but the best way to remove bacteria, dead cells, and food debris from the crevices of your tongue is with an inexpensive tongue scraper. Brushing your tongue with a soft-bristled toothbrush works well too.

Gently clean as far back as you can without gagging. Also, switch to a toothpaste that contains chlorine dioxide or tea tree oil, a powerful disinfectant with a pleasant, eucalyptus-like smell. You're under serious stress When an urgent project drops on your desk, sweating is part of how your body naturally handles the pressure.

Our bodies are smart. The famous fight or flight response mechanism—yep, the same one that helped our ancestors outrun saber-toothed tigers—increases sweating so that we don't overheat while we're battling it out. Fast-forward a few thousand years, and hectic days at the office can produce those same sweaty palms and sticky underarms.

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Fix it: Try sage tea. It contains the astringent tannin and several antiseptic compounds that may act to calm down the sympathetic nervous system, which is what triggers all those stressy symptoms. Sage tea should reduce overall perspiration if sipped frequently in small quantities throughout the day. To make it, steep 1 to 2 teaspoons of coarsely powdered dried sage leaves in hot water and leave covered for 10 minutes to ensure all the active ingredients have been released.

You've upped your fiber intake Fiber-packed foods are great for your health, but they may leave you feeling a little gassy. Unfortunately, the reason some fiber-rich foods—such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans—keep you feeling full longer is the same reason that they can cause gas, according to the Mayo Clinic.

This type of fiber, called soluble fiber, doesn't get digested until it reaches the large intestine other foods typically get digested in the small intestine, earlier in the digestive process. Here, healthy bacteria in your gut break down the fiber, which produces hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and even methane.

Eventually, these smelly gases have to go somewhere—and they often exit in the form of flatulence. Fix it: Add these foods to your diet over a few weeks so your body can adjust. If you use a fiber supplement, be sure to take it with at least 8 ounces of water and drink plenty of liquids throughout the day—fiber won't move easily through the digestive system without it.

You snore like a banshee Blame those nighttime noises for cover-your-mouth morning breath. Sleeping with your mouth open dries out your oral cavity, enabling dead cells to accumulate and decompose on your tongue, gums, and cheeks.

This is what causes morning breath.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: February 23, References. Knowing whether you smell or not can be a difficult thing, as your nose automatically becomes accustomed to things it smells all the time, including your body odor.

However, you can try a few ways to figure out if you're a bit smelly, such as taking a whiff of your clothes after you pull them off or even asking someone you trust if you have body odor. If you do find you're smelling a bit too much, work on improving your hygiene and finding other ways to decrease your body odor.

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Together, they cited information from 17 references. Learn moreHome More advice Health. I think I smell like poo. I dont understand why I would smell bad because I shower regularly and stuff. This has only started recently. As a women people may think its from my vagina or arm pits but its not my sweat area is between my thighs.

Im not a big girl either maybe lbs Anyway, I shower with tea tree oil soap twice a day. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial so i rub a dab between my thighs and breast after a night shower when I sleep over my boyfriends house.

Always make sure you wear clean clothes! Even jeans only rotate each pair 3 times before you wash them. Remember you may sweat in an article of clothing and not smell the first time, but when your new sweat meets the old bacteria in your clothing things get funky.

Wear as much cotton as possible no human blend materials for us, it makes us sweaty. In the winter I choose short sleeves shirts with a cardigan under my coat, rather than long sleeves Wear cotton under wear, and before you wash them soak them in a bucket of water with a half a cup of white vinegar.

You could even just get those tiny little nail kit scissors and a mans fine tooth facial hair comb and just trim your pubic area as much as possible. Also to make me feel fresh I keep a small sample size "Oscar" by Oscar De la Renta parfume in my bag. Hi everyone i would just like you all to know i had this problem for 10 years ,i was house bound because the smell was so bad i suffered from chronic diarrhea i was lucky if i went out once a month. This day i couldn't take no more i felt suicidal i went back to my gp who then agreed to more test.

PA means no stomach lining and no vitamins in your body to balance it out I am now smell free just after 6 months on these tablets im looking to go back to work after 10 years and do my driving lessons i can't believe for 10 years my illness was all down to anxiety.

I have had the same kind of problem for years! Friends and family tell me its in my head, so do the doctors. I've been on all sorts of meds, but they never work.

Sometimes I can smell it, sometimes I can't, but apparntly I have pyschosis and am crazy! People seem to react negeatively to me anyway, and I can always hear them talking. Going to mess up my last year of uni because of it, and I don't think I can bare to be near anyone anymore. After all these years its the uncertainty that kills me. Doctors dont even want to entertain for one second that there might be something pyshcially wrong with me, because maybe they might have to admit that they don't know what it is.

But its the constant swinging between being certain I stink, to believing them and thinking am crazy that just eats me up.

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